Remember For Me

Clara Eros thought her life was ending with Alzheimer’s. She was mistaken.

A war between good and evil has raged for as long as humanity has existed, and the balance of power between its forces has always remained equal. But that longstanding balance has begun to shift, and the survival of mankind may be at risk. What is the source of this duality, and how do the proponents of light and darkness use humans to further their cause?

When Clara Eros awakens with no memory, her questions are fundamental: who is she; and why is she here? The answer she receives is predetermined and singular: she has been recruited to fight a battle against the reign of darkness. But is Clara just a pawn in a much larger game?

Once her transformation is complete, Clara finds herself, in body and mind, as a younger, stronger version of the person she can no longer remember, and now she must search for the common thread hidden within malevolence and turn the tide in a war where humanity is succumbing to chaos and brutality. Will she be strong enough to bring humanity back into the light? ~via Open Books

Remember for Me
Diana Tarant Schmidt
Open Books
Published May 25th 2016

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Remember For Me hit super close to home. Readers who have experienced the pains of losing a family member to the debilitating diseases cancer or Alzheimer’s will likely find themselves attached to each chapter and (mostly) each character. Yes, I am one of those readers. This book does not shy away from the heartache and pains of suffering and loss, for both the family and the patient, old and young. However, it is important to understand that Remember For Me is not about life slipping away. It is most certainly not about defeat.

Remember For Me gives new gravity to life, death, and assigns a confidence that there is something, far greater than we could ever appreciate, happening just under our noses. Why do we have to suffer? The battle of good and evil has always existed but who are the key players? How do we retain a balance? How does religion and spirituality fit in? Race and culture? Love? Remember For Me stirs each factor together, whipping up a brilliant, fast-paced, grab-your-tissues, great-to-the-very-end book. While my heart was breaking in one chapter, the next chapter filled me with faith and hope.

And then cast of characters… Clara, Elaina, Andreas, Tommy, Adira, Elpis… I am blown away by how naturally and fantastically each character and their personal journey develops. As the reader, you can’t help but to feel their struggles and their triumphs!

Remember For Me is an incredibly special book, one that caught me by surprise again and again. I appreciated the historical references and attention to detail and accuracy. Elements of spirituality and multiple faiths were beautifully and fairly represented. Remember For Me is so believable that it delivers a bit of peace, something I had no idea I was longing for.

I highly, highly recommend this book to you. Anyone. Everyone.
I think it goes without saying… I gave Remember For Me 5/5 stars.

Diana Tarant Schmidt loves getting lost in a story, and it is that love that is the undercurrent to all that she does.

For fourteen years she has taught junior high school, and she shares her love of stories with her students.

Through teaching, Diana has also gained an enthusiasm for service. With the help of her students, she executes several projects each year, donating money, objects and time to various organizations in the Chicago area where she lives and works.

When not teaching, she and her husband find time for small adventures. Diana’s favorites include running the marathon, mountain hiking and travel.

Outside the classroom, Diana writes curriculum and raises two incredible humans along with the best partner and true superhero imaginable.


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