Pippa’s Corner – Thanksgiving Favorites

I am pretty sure that I mentioned in an earlier post that each month, Greg and I pick up a couple of new books for Pippa to enjoy. It’s kinda like a subscription box for her but momma has full control. Needless to say, kiddo has already got quite an impressive library! Though Pippa has many books, I recently noticed that she does not have many Thanksgiving books. Actually, she had just 1 and it is not quite age appropriate just yet. Isn’t it obvious what the theme was for our November book order? Yup! Thanksgiving Books!!

Preparing for my purchase, I did some poking around to try to find a book or two that we would all enjoy together. Bedtime reading is important family time, so I was hoping for a couple of really special, unique books. Not to toot my own horn *toot~toot*, but I think I did a pretty good job on our selection!

I picked up two very well written and beautifully illustrated books that go way beyond turkey dinners and pumpkin pie. These books are exactly what I was hoping for – engaging, fun, and delivering important messages of togetherness, gratitude and love.

These are our newest Thanksgiving Favorites:


‘Every day I wake up with a happy, thankful heart.’

From watching the leaves fall to picking pumpkins from the patch, from sharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones to learning how to give—there’s so much to be thankful for! Join these adorable animals as they say a prayer of thanks to God, who gives us every good thing. ~via Goodreads

A Very Thankful Prayer
Bonnie Rickner Jensen, Natalia Moore (Illustrations)
Thomas Nelson
Published August 8th 2017

I can see reading this fantastic book all throughout the year. Sure, there is the seasonal tone to A Very Thankful Prayer but the message is still as important and just as appropriate outside the Thanksgiving celebrations. We really need to remind our children (and ourselves) that we should be giving thanks for all the wonderful gifts God has given us – family, friends, all the small things, and each precious moment. Plus, this book is just so much fun to read!

Wonderfully told and adorably illustrated, A Very Thankful Prayer is part of the A Time to Pray series from Tommy Nelson. I am intrigued and may need to add more of these great books to our library!



Thanksgiving in the Woods is based on the true story of a family in Upstate New York who has hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving feast in the woods on their farm for over twenty years. ~via Goodreads

Thanksgiving in the Woods
Phyllis Alsdurf, Jenny Lovlie (Illustrations)
Sparkhouse Family
Published October 17th 2017

Thanksgiving in the Woods reminds me so much of my own childhood. No, we didn’t have Thanksgiving in the woods but we did celebrate with friends, family and neighbors. Thanksgiving was pretty huge and incredibly special. We ate, we shared, we laughed, and the music played well into the night…

Thanksgiving in the Woods is another beautifully told story and full of fantastic illustrations. I know that this book will get the little ones excited about their own Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions, all while sharing the true story of how this family celebrates their Thanksgiving.


These are our new favorites for Thanksgiving but we would LOVE to know what yours are! Drop us a line or two, we’d love to hear from you! xo

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