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I have been wanting to make this post for the better part of the last month but you know how it is… cold season is upon us and I’ve been just overwhelmed. But still, I wanted to share this one BEFORE Christmas and so here I am! …Barely!

I received a copy of The Simple Little Salvation Story from author William Cote just as the Christmas season began. I remember casually flipping through the pages, thinking that this would be a fun one to share with Pippa when she’s a tad bit older. Surely, she isn’t ready now… It wasn’t until just recently that I really spent some time actually reading this little book and taking in all the lovely illustrations. Now I found myself thinking, why wait? She has a little nativity that she actively plays with and adores. This would be an excellent tool to help my book-loving tot embrace, recognize and maybe understand Jesus in a simple, clear and honest manner.

When I offered up The Simple Little Salvation Story to Pippa, she immediately began paging through. I could see her taking in and enjoying the illustrations just as I had and even though she may not entirely understand everything she is seeing, she will learn. This is exactly how it starts – an introduction.

I can’t tell you how many times I had wished that I learned more about Jesus as a child. I would have loved having a book like this growing up. The Simple Little Salvation Story is a great companion for parents who want to help their little ones build a relationship with Jesus and learn about salvation while they are still young and eager. Christmas, Baptism, Easter, Communion… just because – this book makes for an incredible and important gift.


Engage and energize young readers with a fresh take on the Gospel story of Jesus. Charmingly illustrated and very accessible, The Simple Little Salvation Story takes readers on a journey to help them easily understand God’s loving plan of salvation. And it helps parents answer lots of difficult questions along the way — like why did Jesus have to die for our sins? And what are sins, anyway?

The Simple Little Salvation Story isn’t just a retelling of Bible stories with colorful pictures and short sentences. In fact it doesn’t even start with Adam and Eve. It starts with robots. Yes, robots. Then it moves into skateboarding and helping senior citizens across the street. And then it introduces what sin is and God’s amazing plan to wash us clean of it so we can live with Him forever.

So add some of Jesus’ dramatic story to your story time. Or give it to a child or grandchild on a special religious occasion or holiday. It will help explain – in an engaging way with beautiful illustrations from noted artist Shirley Chiang – what all this Christian salvation stuff is about, anyway. ~via Goodreads

The Simple Little Salvation Story
William F. Cote, Shirley Chiang (illustrations)
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: July 15th 2014

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