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Hi friends! It’s been a little while since we’ve brought a book over to Pippa’s Corner but I have to tell you, I am so excited for this one! I think it was well worth the wait to bring you a book our whole family loves. I hope you take some time to check out Room for Rent and enjoy as much as we did!

When Sir Reginald Mouse disappears from his apartment, the neighbors in the building advertise his room for rent. One prospective renter after another comes to see the apartment but finds fault with one or another of the neighbors. The hardworking Ant finds the Hen lazy, the Rabbit criticizes the Cuckoo for abandoning her young, the Pig finds the Cat beneath him because of her color (and is roundly chased out by the neighbors for his racism), and the Nightingale thinks the Squirrel just a noisemaker. At last the Dove arrives, bringing with her an eye for the good and restoring an atmosphere of peace.

This simple classic has been the bestselling children’s book in Israel for fifty years. Now English-speaking children have access to its Jewish wisdom, given over with gentle charm. ~via Goodreads



Room for Rent
Leah Goldberg, Shmuel Katz (illustrator) & Jessica Setbon (translator)
Gefen Books
Published September 15th 2017


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I adore a children’s book that is both fun to read and delivers a powerful message. Our children are sponges and what they read matters. So, the books with the big messages are the ones that I want to share with my kiddo. These are the books that I flitter back to when I need a bit of inspiration. Yes, for me. Because, let’s be real, some children’s books make for the best self-help / self-discovery tools.

Room for Rent by Leah Goldberg is a classic. It is Israel’s best-selling children’s book and was just recently released for the first time in English. The gorgeous illustrations come from Israeli artist Shmuel Katz and I am just awestruck! This book is such a treat and I am thrilled to add it to our home library. I know Pippa and the rest of our little family will enjoy it time and time again. As a mommy with Jewish heritage, I am especially thrilled to add this one to our favorite books collection.

Room for Rent is a fun read aloud book, a richly illustrated picture book, a life lessons book, a fantastic gift-giving book – a book I can’t recommend enough. Let’s continue to teach our children how to see the great in every different person (or animal)! And friends with children – be prepared to see copies of this one, delivered with love, from yours truly. This book is a treasure.

It’s no surprise that I gave Room for Rent 5/5 stars!


via Goodreads

Leah Goldberg (1911-1970) was born in Konigsberg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia), and started writing Hebrew verse as a schoolgirl in Kovno. She received a Ph.D in semitic languages from Bonn University, and immigrated to pre-state Israel in 1935. Goldberg was a renowned poet -a member of the Shlonsky group – as well as a successful children-s author, theater critic, translator, and editor. In 1952, she established the Department of Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and remained its chairperson until her death. Goldberg published nine books of poetry, two novels, three plays, six books of non-fiction, and 20 books for children. Goldberg was awarded many prizes, including the Israel Prize for Literature in 1970. ~via ithl.org.il

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