Pippa’s Corner – Hello, World! Solar System

There is nothing more rewarding than reading to your child and seeing the look of awe and wonder in their eyes. And while she may not entirely understand what she is seeing and hearing, I know that my child is learning, absorbing information and picking up various details of what I’m sharing with her in every book we read together. Big little beginnings. These are important moments.

The Hello, World! series from Doubleday is full of various subjects in science and nature. In this particular series, Jill McDonal has authored Solar System, Backyard Bugs, Weather and Dinosaurs – just to name a few! And I am sure you can already guess that our current favorite, Pippa’s favorite, is Solar System.

This wonderful board book is full of information and colorful illustrations that almost guarantees to keep your little ones excited. Those bright colors and the subtle details are what makes this a great early reader. Trace the stars to make constellations, learn which planet is the hottest, and count the rings of Saturn with your littlest explorer! This little board book is a fantastic introduction to the great world beyond us.


Hello, World! Solar System
Jill McDonald
Published March 8th 2016

Now even the youngest children can enjoy learning about the world around them. Hello, World! is a new series designed to help parents introduce simple nonfiction concepts to their babies and toddlers. Narrated in simple terms and featuring bright, simple, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World! makes learning easy for young children. Each page offers helpful prompts for engaging with your child. Every young child loves to look up at the moon in the night sky. Now here s a book that can teach toddlers about the sun, moon, stars, and planets with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts ( Can you point to the red planet? That s Mars! ). It s a perfect way to bring natural science into the busy world of a toddler, where learning never stops. “Supplemental tidbits ( Ouch! Asteroids and comets often hit this planet, [McDonald] writes about Mercury) offer additional details to pique the interest of children just hearing about Earth’s cosmic neighbors for the first time.” “Publishers Weekly”” ~via Goodreads




And for those who may be wondering… Yes, our beloved Pluto is in this book as a dwarf planet!
Needless to say, we will be exploring more titles in this Hello, World! series.

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