Mom-Life Moves Fast

You know how everyone tells you that your children will grow up too quickly and you should hold tight because you might miss something? It’s true.
My little one is only 10 months old but that doesn’t mean that the last ten months didn’t fly by too quickly. Seriously, she was still struggling to hold her head up on her own just two days ago!? Or so it seems…
Even with the warnings, I haven’t been at all prepared to hear my daughter call out to “mama” or give me kisses or learn peek-a-boo or stand on her own or eat solids or any of this! It is happening and it’s scary. I can’t keep up! Where is that pause button? I need to hold my baby and make time stop.
I say this as here we are now planning for her first birthday and discussing her education. Yet, I am still pinching myself and reminding myself that I have a baby! I have a daughter. Yes, she’s mine! Unreal. Wonderfully, unreal.
I know that I can’t stop time and I know that the days, weeks, months and years are going to continue to barrel down at me. Really, all I can do is document, take a zillion pictures and videos and do my best to make each moment count. If I can’t pause time, the least I can do is capture as much of it as possible and create special memories for the both of us. I’d like to think that one day, she and I will look back on these recorded moments and giggle together.
Mom-life is amazing but boy does it move fast!
What are some of the things you are doing or have done to hold tight to memories of your little one(s)? I’d love some ideas!

4 thoughts on “Mom-Life Moves Fast

  1. I love the idea of taking a photo in the same place throughout the years. That is such a sweet way of capturing how they are growing up!!
    Lovely advice and I took it… This afternoon I was having some difficulty getting her down for a nap. She just wanted to stay in my arms. I thought of your note here and smiled. I can think of much worse things than cuddling my little one for an extra 10 minutes. πŸ˜‰ xo thank you!!

  2. One thing that we ended up doing accidentally was taking a photo in the same spot in places throughout the years. My two boys are 9 and 12 now, but somehow we ended up posing them the same at the same spots in vacation photos like at Disney World with the same statue, D.C. at the same memorials, etc. It shows how much they are growing and changing year to year, and sometimes it is downright shocking. When I had my first, I couldn't imagine having a baby that walked, then I couldn't imagine myself a mom of an older kid, and now my oldest is in junior high. Hold her even when you want to put her down; best advice I ever got. XOXO

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