Info & Requests

Books for Review

Whether we receive a book in exchange for a review or purchase it with our own money, all reviews provided are 100% honest and our own. Always. We promise. If a book is received at no cost in exchange for a review, a disclaimer will be included.
Also, respectfully, A Bookish Abode steers away from erotica and lusty type romances. It’s just not our thing.

Schedule for ARCs

We prefer to publish book reviews for ARCs 1-3 weeks prior to publication, unless otherwise instructed or agreed upon.

Schedule for Everything Else

When do we publish reviews for everything else? As soon as we can! Really, depending on what the publisher/author needs are and my current book log is, this can vary greatly. Of course, we would love to work with you on what your schedule is and what your needs are, so let’s discuss!

Author & Guest Posts

We do accept author and guest posts depending on the subject and content. Are you interested in showcasing your book at A Bookish Abode and already have material? Let’s discuss! If the material is appropriate for ABA, we may be able to help.

Pippa’s Corner

We love sharing books in Pippa’s Corner. Picture books, board books, and any book suitable for tots will be included in the Pippa’s Corner section, as well as Reviews, when applicable. It may also be featured in her weekly faves post if she loves it!

Requests & Collabs

If you have a book that you would like us to read and review or would like to work on a collaboration, please contact Nichole at: or use the form below