Holy Smokes, It’s 2018!

Seriously? Already? 2018!!!

So, wow… Happy New Year!!! I just wanted to pop over to this little space to say THANK YOU. Our readers, the authors, the publishers, our blogging pals… you guys are the best! 2017 was such a magical year for us because of this lovely bookish community. Thank you.

As with any new year, I am all about setting some goals. I love it. I make my lists, I get excited to talk about goals, and I really do try hard to achieve them. Some, I rock. Others, eh… well, I have the very best intentions! With that, I have shared some non-bookish goals over on my personal blog but I thought I’d share my bookish ones here with you.

Probably the most noteworthy bookish goal would be a reading goal, right? I think so! Well, in 2017, my personal reading goal was 40. I soared through that number, hitting 68. 68 Books!! This may not seem like a huge number to some, but when you consider my total of 5 books read in 2016 (yikes!), it carries a bit of weight. As I am setting my 2018 reading goals, I am including children’s books (1st reads/no re-reads) in that number. With Pippa, we explore a lot of new books and these should totally count! So, I’ve also upped my reading goal to 100. With the addition of children’s books, this is absolutely achievable.

Some other bookish goals that I am setting for myself include:
explore more new authors  .  test the waters of new (to me) genres  .  share more books with friends, family, & strangers   .  read all Mary Higgins Clark books in order of publication (by 2020 – my wild card goal)
 of course there will be more, there always is but we all need a starting point and this is mine!

I am super excited to dive in but I also want to know, what are your goals? How do you plan to track them? I am using my blogging journal but I am always looking for bits of inspiration.

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration over the holidays and for the New Year! I am excited to see what your 2018 goals are and I am so looking forward to connecting more with YOU this upcoming year. xo


2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes, It’s 2018!

  1. May you have the happiest of New Years ever in 2018, Nichole! My goal this year is modest. I must finish my third book and get it published, either by me or a Catholic publisher. Since I’m a five-star author now, I thought I might have some success with traditional publishing. Your ideas on this route are very welcome. It is entitled “To Shoulder His Cross” byline – “A Suffering Soul Speaks”, which is a memoir taking up where I left off with my last book as we begin our married life, and exploring my vocation as a Victim Soul as it unfolds slowly in my life.

    1. Thank you, Carol! And Happy New Year to you!! It sounds like you are going to have an exciting year and I look forward to your next memoir! It sounds like it’s going to be another fantastic read.
      I wish I could give advice for publication but I have so little experience. I know there are a lot of great Catholic and indie publication groups out there. I would explore as many as possible to see if any make the right fit for your needs.

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