Favorite Bookish Pics of the Wk 9-3-17

It’s Sunday – a favorite day to just sit back and reflect a bit! This last week has been a whirlwind of celebration, discovery and embracing the chill that the “ber” months will be bringing. We pulled out our hoodies, our favorite books and lots of hot beverages to keep our hands warm while we read!


8-29-17   When you find your toddler sneaking off to quiet spaces, so she can read in peace ~Nichole


8-30-17   What Do You Do With An Idea? Is full of beautiful illustrations and a message so relevant for any age. ~Nichole


8-30-17   Sept. 1st kicks off our first read at the A Bookish Abode Book Club! Want to join? It’s not too late! Get over to Goodreads and lookup “A Bookish Abode Book Club” in Groups! ~Nichole


8-31-17   Before we dig into the upcoming release The Daybreak Bond, we must read The Firefly Code! ~Nichole


9-2-17   After swearing off paper planners, this happened. It’s soooo gorgeous!! Someone got a new book blog planner!! ~Nichole


We hope everyone had a fabulous week and have a beautiful new week! I’d love to see what you are reading. Are we connected on Instagram? We should be! Let’s connect! xo

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