Favorite Bookish Pics of the Wk 9-10-17

It’s incredible how quickly these weeks are soaring by. It’s already getting cooler out here and is becoming sweater weather – which I definitely don’t mind. My favorite time of the year is here and I believe that books make for the coziest of companions for chilly days and longer nights.

Here are some of our favorite bookish pics from the past week… See if you can spot some obvious hints of fall’s approach.


9-4-17 My father knows me well… ~Nichole


9-5-17 They’re heeeere! How To Make Friends With A Ghost has arrived! (quite possibly my most anticipated book purchase of the year!) ~Nichole


9-5-17 When you mention to your uber talented bestie that you need some new bookmarks and she makes a whole bunch just for you. (made my our very talented Skaty) ~Nichole


I’ve started my Christmas shopping… Well, actually I just needed an excuse to buy books that made me think of people on my “nice” list. ~Nichole


I hope everyone had a wonderful week and found some time to indulge with a bit of RR (reading & relaxation)!
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