Father’s Day & It’s Great Being a Dad

It’s Great Being a Dad
Dan Bar-el & Gina Perry
Tundra Books
Publication Date: April 4, 2017



 “A gang of mythical creatures is roaming around a magical land having a great time, until Bigfoot gets his foot stuck in a tree trunk and Unicorn gets her horn impaled on a table and Robot’s saw-arm gets rusted into position. But have no fear! Dad is there to fix things–even when a Sneaky Flying Alligator Pirate steals the Fairy Queen Ballerina Doctor’s wand.” ~ via Goodreads

This year, for Father’s Day, we picked up It’s Great Being a Dad – story Dan Bar-el and illustrated by Gina Perry. It was an early gift for daddy (gifted Saturday night), mostly because mommy couldn’t wait… we do love our books in this house! Every night we read together as a family and I couldn’t have found a better book for this Father’s Day (weekend) read. We loved the story and the fantastic illustrations!!

This is a beautifully written book that demonstrates the vivid imaginations of children through fantastic story-telling and artistry. Pippa loved the colors, the characters and every illustrated page. She couldn’t wait to touch and turn the pages herself! My husband and I loved the honest and familiar tale, told with great humor and written for everyone to enjoy.

Truth be told, mom and dad loved the pictures as much as our little book enthusiast. This was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful children’s family book!

I give this fatherly-fun book, 5 imaginative stars!

Happy Father’s day to my love, my dad and the rest of you awesome dads!!


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