Dear Best Friend… I Haven’t Forgotten

Dear Best Friend,
I originally wrote this open letter to you on May 17th, 2012. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. I love you. You are my soul sister. I think of you always, even when I can’t reach out to say so.
p.s. I can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!!!!


Dear Best Friend,
Today you sent me a cute little web article called  Twelve Vows to Make with Your BFF. It made me smile and I agree with you… I love #9 the most.
The article got me thinking… thinking about our friendship and what you mean to me. I know I tell you that I love you each day. Do you know how much? You are a sister to me. You are family. You are my soulmate in a way that no lover can compare. How did I ever manage without you?
We have had our fair share of friendship tests. We have argued, cried, got mad and got happy with each other more times than I can count. Never once during the hard times did we stop supporting each other.


It’s funny how we “met” online in a very virtual world but became close so quickly.


You transcended from a virtual friend to my real-life best friend so quickly. I feel like I have known you my whole life and maybe even in other lifetimes. We have always been so “real” and honest with each other. Sometimes we are brutal with our honesty – but always when it is needed most.
I’ve gone thru some very hard times in these last couple of years. You held my hand so tightly… how could have I done any of it without your strength? You listened as I sobbed in your ear about heartache, pains and life and when I couldn’t see the light at the end of a very bleak tunnel, you became my light. You gave me more of yourself than any one person can. You are my north-star. You really are.
When things got better and I found my happiness, you laughed and smiled along with me. And even though we have had limited time together… you have given me a lifetime of precious memories that I will never take for granted. I will need you for this again and again… and I will be there for you as you hit your highs and lows. Lord knows, we will both have more because that is what life is about. Highs and Lows.
I know I can be judgmental and frustrating at times. I know that I am protective of you. That is because you are special and you deserve nothing but the very best from everyone. Any person that doesn’t treat you like the beautiful woman you are will get the side-eye from me… and probably some heavy words. But that doesn’t mean that in the end I won’t support you in anything you do – I will just be that sometimes overbearing, protective sister friend that I am. Like you are to me. Well, maybe not overbearing… Just really there.


I want you to know that above all things… and people, you are one of the most amazing souls I have ever known. You are so generous with your heart, kind with your words and unconditional in the way that you love all people and things. I’ve never seen you hold on too long to a grudge. And even in moments where you may be critical, you never chastise… you are always fair. I could use some of those strengths. I wouldn’t mind being more like you.
I guess what I am meaning to tell you in all of this garble… I love you. I am so grateful for you. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my BFF. Thank you.
I look forward to all the amazing memories we will have as we grow into silly old ladies… sharing songs, pointing out cute guys and watching our television shows together (even via Skype or phone). As we learned… distance does not get in the way of a true friendship… even though we are many miles away, I’d still call you if I were arrested for something stupid.


Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my BFF.

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