Book Review – Meatless?

Meatless? A fresh Look At What You Eat
Sarah Elton
Owlkids Books
Publication Date: May 16, 2017


“Humans are eating more meat than ever before. At the same time, vegetarianism is capturing more widespread attention. From Meatless Mondays to vegan options, people are talking more about meat and whether or not to eat it.”

“Journalist Sarah Elton tackles the topic by explaining what vegetarianism is, why people choose it, and how their reasons—including religion, animal rights, food security, and the environmental cost of eating meat—have changed over time. The book closes with practical tips for making the switch, and perspectives from vegetarian kids.”

“As a conflicted meat eater herself, Elton encourages freedom to choose. Lively illustrations, sidebars, and sources, plus a glossary, index, and further reading suggestions make this a friendly, comprehensive introduction to vegetarianism.” ~via Goodreads

Meatless? A Fresh Look At What You Eat by Sarah Elton is a fantastic and easy read for any person who is considering vegetarianism, veganism, or plant-based diets.

This book would be great in a public library or available in schools for younger readers who are seeking honest answers to alternative ways of eating. There is no obvious bias from the writer in this book. She simply offers interesting facts and information regarding the food that we eat and why we eat it.

I am impressed by the amount of information available in this book regarding the environmental effects of eating meat and the costs of eating meat.

For readers who do want to remove meat from their diets, there are easy to follow suggestions and recipes available in this book. The glossary and index with source information and further reading titles also make for a handy guy for those who want to really consider a plant-based diet.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a meatless diet. For vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diet parents, this is a great book to share with your children!

I give this animal friendly guide, 4 GREEN stars!

I received this book at no cost, courtesy of NetGalley, for my honest feedback and review.

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