Book Review – Fix Me

Penelope Wryter’s life has been a mess ever since her sister committed suicide a year ago. Now Pen’s hooked on Fix, an illegal drug that makes her feel, think, and see differently. The hallucinations are intense, but there’s one vision that keeps Pen coming back for more–Nate. He’s the only person who cares about her. Too bad he’s just a side effect of the drug. Pen knows she’s going nowhere fast. She’s desperate to change. But when she tries to say goodbye to Nate, he professes his love for her making her more confused than ever. Then, when a girl from school goes missing during a bad Fix trip, Pen realizes she may be in a lot more danger than she ever imagined. Unless Pen straightens up and faces reality quick, she might be the next missing girl on the list. ~via Goodreads

Fix Me
Lisa M. Cronkhite
Publication Date: November 28th 2017



Fix Me was another quick read with a fantastic cover. Between the vibrant cover art and the book synopsis, I was immediately intrigued and so I requested to review a copy.  And I liked the book, I really did. I just didn’t love it.

Penelope Wryter is addicted the drug Fix. Once legal and used to help patients with mental illnesses, this now illegal drug is heavily abused and the side effects are frightening. Pen’s struggle with Fix, the pain of losing her sister to suicide a year before, dealing with her current relationships, and trying to decipher her hallucinations takes the reader through an intense and difficult journey. There’s even a little mystery nestled in, amongst these pages. I do appreciate a bit of mystery!

Here’s the thing, Fix Me is not for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, the characters are very well written and the story moves at a decent pace. However, this story is messy and painful – as dealing with drug use and addiction would be. I was perfectly fine with all of that. Where I personally struggled was with the end of the book. The mystery. And because I do not like to give spoilers in my reviews, I will just say that there are a few twists and turns that I didn’t find to be very convincing. The direction that the story took was unexpected and just a bit confusing. So many questions!!

The other bit that bugged me a bit is that the synopsis and what I read in the actual book seemed a bit off. Maybe it was my own interpretation but still… I felt the synopsis was a tad misleading.

What I do appreciate is that Fix Me does not glorify drug use. This is so important! Addiction and mental illness is awful and Fix Me does not tread lightly on the realities of either subject. Too often, this isn’t the case. Major kudos to Lisa Cronkhite for delivering a book that is both enjoyable and honestly brutal.

I gave Fix Me 3/5 stars


Thank you to Netgalley and Flux for providing me with a copy of Fix Me in exchange for my honest review!

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