Book Review – 13 Minutes

“Mean Girls for the Instagram age.” ~via The Times (London)
The New York Times bestselling author known for her thrilling twists is back: They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but when you’re a teenage girl, it’s hard to tell them apart.

Natasha doesn’t remember how she ended up in the icy water that night, but she does know this–it wasn’t an accident, and she wasn’t suicidal. Her two closest friends are acting strangely, and Natasha turns to Becca, the best friend she dumped years before when she got popular, to help her figure out what happened.

Natasha’s sure that her friends love her. But does that mean they didn’t try to kill her?

13 Minutes is a psychological thriller with a killer twist from the #1 internationally bestselling author Sarah Pinborough. ~via Goodreads

13 Minutes
Sarah Pinborough
Flatiron Books
US Publication Date: October 3rd 2017

Mean Girls just got a whole lot meaner, darker, and deadly in this fast-paced, psychological thriller from Sarah Pinborough. 13 Minutes sucks you in from the very first page and takes you through this tense read bit-by-bit, unraveling truths carefully and intentionally.

Perhaps, one of the things I appreciated most is that 13 Minutes is written in such a way that the reader feels like they are part of the case. What happened to Natasha? Did her best friends try to kill her? Where does Becca fit in? Not only are you getting a gripping story, you are also combing through police records, news clippings, written accounts and Natasha’s journal. The first half of the book allows you (the reader) a special “behind the scenes” peek of the case, setting the stage for the perfect murder mystery and a twisty second half.

13 Minutes confirms that not everything is always as it seems. Do we ever truly know our friends? With strikingly believable characters, the reader will cheer on, love, loathe and pity each in all the (seemingly) right places. The villain(s) of this book were capable to make me angry and suspicious – exactly as a villain who is well-written should. Manipulative, terrifying, and deadly… all the important ingredients were there.

… And while this book is most categorized as YA, it is written in such a way that I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good psychological thriller. Yes, our main stars are young but never, ever underestimate them.


Thank you NetGalley and Flatiron books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and feedback!

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