Personal Goals ~ 2018

Happy New Year!


I somehow skipped my personal journal space for the entirety of 2017 and now it’s 2018. A year away did me some good. Refocus, recharge, plan, chill, create, read… I read a lot more in 2017 than I have in AGES and for that, I am happy. I thought of the things I need to do, I want to do and I should do. I planned, organized, MOVED… and now, here I am. I am ready to love 2018 even harder than I loved 2017. And 2017 was hella great.

2017 allowed me to travel to see family, friends, see some shows, build closer bonds, learn a ton, and set some goals. Some goals I soared through and others, well – you know how it goes. We try, right? And even though I didn’t do all the things, I did a lot of the things.

Now it’s 2018 and I am back to setting some goals. Some I can share and some are just for me. I think we all need some of that “just for me” business. But the ones I can share, here they are:

read more books . start a garden . plant some fruiting trees . start a compost pile . sew more . write more letters . be more present . visit somewhere new . show my gratitude more . learn a new skill

There are more goals but no resolutions. I can never stick with resolutions. Goals excite me. Goals motivate me. Goals help me focus on improving myself. Resolutions? They feel like a punishment!

What do you do? Resolutions? Goals? Both? I’d love to hear from you.

And with that – Happy New Year… Hello, it’s me (again).
I hope I’ll be seeing you around! xo

I'd love to hear from you!